A Bit About Me

A little bit about Me!

Mix Passion & Flair with a great eye for detail and a lot of experience, and you have the fundamental basics, that make Wheatman Photography a growing and trusted photography brand, from Weddings and Christenings, to Portraits and Lifestyle.

Having photographed many weddings all over the Uk, I come with a wealth of experience, and find I’m in constant demand. I’ve shot in weddings in over 19 different counties including Gloucestershire, Devon, Avon, Buckinghamshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset,  Oxfordshire and North Wales.

I like to avoid putting a labeled style on my photography, and as such prefers to let my images do the talking. I will liaise with you, the client, to find out what you want from me, and the style of coverage you require.

My service to you starts the moment you book with me, right through until you receive your final product, but even then I find the relationship I have built with you, often continues after the wedding, as we are constantly referred to other friends and family getting married, and as your family

grows, I am there to capture baby shots and family moments as the years pass. I often find your wedding day is simply the start of a great relationship.

My pricing matches my realistic expectations of what we would be happy to pay. I don’t advertise heavily and as such, I’m able to keep my costs lower than some, however producing high, top end photographs better than most. Our motto of “Under promise… Over deliver…” reflects my attitude to exceeding the clients perception of wedding photography.

Keeping ‘post production’ in house, is an element of our brand which we believe delivers results time and time again, and having been the team lucky enough to have photographed your wedding, we will have the first hand experience of the atmosphere, and emotion of the day, and reflect this in our final images.

Debbie, my wife spent years photographing weddings with me, and where as we once came as a duo, we have a new introduction to the family, and so Debs’ time is vastly limited.

I hope when the ‘little one’ is older, Debbie can come back to join me, before I start training the next generation!! We love what we do, and we are honoured to do it, and we never forget that.