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The Wedding Evening of Mr & Mrs Crisp - Cheltenham, 22nd September 2018

So with the wedding day itself now been and gone, Becky & Mike decided it was time to invite some 200+ guests to a marquee bash, where it was apparent Gin was the order of the evening.

The marquee, not a small affair by any stretch of the imagination, was provided by Mudway Workman and the party itself in the grounds of Mikes best mates house, Matt Mudway.

So many familiar faces arrived, colleagues I had played rugby with at Cheltenham yet not seen for years were there, and as ever, Mike just watched and smiled away as so many of his friends and family enjoyed a stunning evening, whilst Becky apparently not scared of anything with a % sign on the bottle, mingled more freely.

Mike and Becky then joined forces as a brilliantly funny speech was delivered, and once more emotions were bouncing all over from the newly married couple and guests alike.

Well! You've done it now guys, and thank you so much for giving me the honour of covering both parties, because lets face it, that's what it was, 2 parties & a wedding :)

Incase you haven't seen the blog to the actual wedding itself, please look here: The Wedding

Enjoy the memories.

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