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Photography Training and Portfolio Building Days

What's an F Number? What does ISO do? What shutter speed do I need for this? Hard Light or Soft Light?

How do I use my camera in manual?

All of these and more are questions I hear regularly from experienced amateurs, or people trying to get grips with their new cameras, even people shooting professionally.

I have run a number of workshops and also done 1 to 1 training, whether that be in hotels, manor houses or out at Gloucester Docks; we could all do with learning that little bit more and fine tweaking what we already know.

I am able to help you with a number of areas of photography:

* Shooting better portraits

* Basic & advanced wedding photography

* Off camera flash inside & outdoors

* Pregnancy Photography

* Art Nude Photography

* Learning your cameras basics

If you are interested in learning or developing your photography, or if you wish to be contacted in the event that there is a training day workshop or portfolio day coming up, please drop me a line here and let me know your interests and we'll be in touch.

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